Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 2011

Hello February !

It does not seem possible that February is here already.

As promised, here are some pictures to go with meme's cat rescue story in last month's newsletter.

Here is a story with pictues from one of the chatters who took part in the recent Quiltchat Stocking Swap.

My experience with the stocking swap was great! I loved being able to get a pattern for the stocking and making up the stocking. Then there was the task of stuffing the stocking…I loved wrapping them up and deciding what the best items were to include. Once the package was ready to go, I was off to the post office to get the package to my swappee. Then there was the waiting for the time that she will open the package and her reaction to her package contents. Then there was the waiting to see who was my swapper and fighting the temptation of opening the package before the appointed time. Then shaking the package to see if it makes any noise. Then the day I was waiting for has finally arrived and I almost forget to show up…then I see that my swappee is on so we both can open and see what we got for each other, then to get the reaction from her that I did get was great. The items she sent me were unexpected but great to see. She even got a bag of chocolates for dh so he wouldn’t feel left out. So that is my story for my experience with the stocking swap.


I hope to inspire more chatters with stories from those who took part in the stocking swap to join in this year's stocking swap. It is really really fun to take part, when your in the room for the openings, you can hear and see the others open up the package from their swappee, and ooh and ahh over what they've received. Taking part in the swap also inspires/encourages you to think outside your comfort zone if you will. Once a person has received the likes and dislikes of their swappee, they are off and running to find things that their swappee might like. A swappee might like doing applique or paper piecing. This very well might inspire the shopper to try their hand at this new method that their swappee likes, after being on the lookout for tools or patterns for the stocking.
I'm always on the lookout for stories from chatters, such as what inspired you to start quilting ?? What was your very first quilt project ?? Share your stories with us :) Email me, alaskaquilter@quiltchat.com w/newsletter in the subject line.
A closing note. Thursday is Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rabbit.
Gung Hay Fat Choy !!!