Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year !!

Welcome to 2011 !!

I hope you all are doing well. Welcome to the new edition of Quiltchat's Newsletter. Here's just a bit of what's been going in in quiltchat.

The Annual Stocking Swap

Quiltchat's annual stocking swap had 10 swappee's this year. It was quite fun listening to those in the room each time I came in, each wondering who their swappee was, and hearing about the stocking that they were making and what goodies they had discovered while they were out shopping. Two stocking openings were held, one at 8 am, and the other at 5 pm the next day. When I came in the room for the first opening, quite a few of those who were in the swap were in the room already <:). When it came time for the swappee's to open their stockings, you could litteraly hear them start ripping their packages :) To listen, and "see" each person open their stocking and tell us what they had received from their swappee is truly fun. One swappee had a story to tell as to why she made a particular stocking for her swappee. Another included items that pertained to where she, the giver lives. Alot of thought, effort and time went into those stockings. And it showed. I would like to share an example of why there is the rule of a chatter being in the room for at least 6 months to be able to join in the swap. One swappee was opening her stocking package up, and telling us what she had received. Fabric, and other quilt goodies. What caught the swappee's attention, and her dh's, was the inclusion of sugar free chocolates. Now the only way that her swappee could have known this, for that information was not included when she signed up is TIME. To be in the room over and over again, and just as important, LISTENING. Sounds insignificant I know, but when it came time for the swap, her swappee remembered that conversation in the room when her now swappee mentioned that her dh is diabetic. That very well may have happened many months prior. I will be including stories and pictures from the swap in upcomming newsletters. Here are a couple of stories submitted by chatters. A couple of years ago, just before Christmas, I heard a kitten crying and crying across the road. He had been dumped in the orchard that is there, and surely would have died that night, as it is full of coyotes, here in Arizona...little things won't make it out here in the desert and way out in the county. I was so upset and tearful that I could hear a cat or kitten crying when I had pulled in the driveway, that when my husband pulled in behind me, I made him cross the road with a flashlight and see if he could find out what was crying so loud. I knew I could not keep a cat, my dogs would'nt have any part of that, but I could not let an animal suffer. So my hubby crossed the road, jumped a ditch in the pitch dark, and out came this tiny, tiny black little kitten, crying so loud you would have thought he was a huge coouger or something ! He was cold and scared, and had a little yarn collar on, so we knew he was left out here in the country like so many dogs and animals are. That kitten jumped right into my husbands palm and curled up and purred all the way back home to our warm house. He was put to bed in a cute box with quilt batting inside, and I called shelters all over the next day to no avail..but then I remembered "Blistered Whiskers" a no kill shelter that I know the head lady of. She said to bring that kitten right over that next morning, and she fell in love with him,,,she said he was a boy, about 2 weeks old. He was checked out by the vet that they have and within two weeks he was adopted out to a loving home. He was checked up on twice since, and the new owners simply love him, and he is very happy with his new people he adopted. I thought about how I could volunteer and help this kitten rescue place, as I can not keep a cat, but since they helped me,,and my little friend,,I made him what I call a "kitten quilt". He went home with things and instructions, and his VERY OWN QUILT that he adored, and clutched and hugged and would not let go of !! So now I am the official seamstress/quilter for Blistered Wiskers shelter. and every cage has a shelf with quilts attached with velcro that are washable of course. EVERY kitten adopted goes home with his or her own little quilt ! They are simple, and you can make them for the kitten or cats in your life, and change the size for doggies too ! Simply take a fq of kitten print cottton, a fq of either flannel/minke/fleece and place them right sides together on top of a piece of nice puffy leftover batting. Round all corners, and sew around all three layers, leaving a small opening in one side to turn the "kitten quilt" right side out after trimming. Close the opening by hand or me the kittens won't care. Then I use clear thread to I don't have to keep changing/matching, and free motion a few circles, scribbles or lines on the quilt and you are done. Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoyed my little story of how I am a tiny part of helping out Blistered Whiskers kitten rescue shelter in Peoria Arizona. Signed, MEME Please take note !!! There are pictures that MEME sent that go along with her story and as soon as I figure out how to post them in here, I will <:) Thank you for your patience.

Here is another story submitted by a chatter.
My first quilt project. After the death of my father from cancer in June 1993, I found that I couldn't knit anymore. I was a keen knitter at that time. I had been making clothes over the years an doing some embroidery so thought I would try and find an embroidery pattern and sit and stitch that to fill in spare time. I had some old magazines that I had mainly kept for the recipes in them but knew there were crafty sections too so went through those and came across several articles made from hexigon done in the English paper piecing method.

Well I read the how to and gave some thought about trying this. The instructions said to cut up birthday cards and Christmas cards for the templates and then cut out the fabric and stitch, well it took me a while to get the hang of it but I made a cushion for my daughter, a grandmothers flower garden design. I gave it to her for her 4th birthday in January 1994. She promptly told me that two of her friends had to have one for their birthdays too, luckily the birthdays were to be the following July and October so that gave me the time I needed to make them.

I haven't made any more English paper pieced articles over the years,but have certainly been hooked by the quilting bug and have enjoyed making all the projects since even if they haven't turned out quite like they should.

That's how I became interested in making quilty projects.

South Australia

And now. The moment you've all been waiting for !! The January 2011 Chatter of the month

The January 2011 Chatter of the Month is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


What can one say about sweetjessy ?? She is simply wonderful. How she does what she does in quiltchat, I don't know. Quilting alone takes up alot of anyone's time and judging from the pictures she shares of her projects, she is one busy lady :) But to find the time to be in the room AND to run bingo !! The special bingo's she holds at various times of the year are very much looked foward to by everyone, and the prizes she offers during those special bingo's are made by her !! There isn't just one prize given out, but several !!! The last special bingo she held, the prizes were stockings, and they were all beautiful. She regulary posts the pics of the prizes prior to the event, and that starts the chatters, oohing and ahhing at her handiwork. It also gets everyone starting to pick out "their" bingo prize,,,,,, before they win <:)

She sponsored collecting, and sending a chatter a collection of heartfelt gifts from those in the room, to a chatter who was in a crisis. The unsuspecting chatter got a HUGE box in the mail one day, and had not one clue as to what it was. When that chattter opened up that box and looked at what she had received from her and those who contributed, she was touched beyond words. To do that for someone she knows only online, shows what heart she has. A true friend. A friend who would take the time and effort to do something like this for someone she has never met !! She is simply special.

Sweetjessy, thank you for being you, and being part of quiltchat.

If anyone has a quilty story or two to share, how to articles, projects to make, recipes, please send them to me, Please, please put newsletter in the subject line.

Happy New Year !!